Great bags for vacation travel

Anyone who’s ever considered going on vacation knows that luggage is always a primary issue. In the absence of a portable mini wormhole, how can you hope to carry everything you need without feeling overburdened?

Proper preparation plays a big role, sure, as does the ability to differentiate between things you need and things that might come in handy in a one-in-a-million scenario. But sometimes, all it takes is having a right bag for the job – here are some great ones to consider, sorted from smaller to larger.

 Great Bags For Vacation Travel

River Island Black Round Holdall: Who said purses were only for women? River Island’s black carryall combines the space of some smaller carry-ons with the handiness of… well, a handbag. If you packed your bag snugly but still have a couple of accessories you feel you can’t do without, consider using this handheld-yet-sizeable bag to bring additional goods with you. Best of all? Thanks to its all-black body and handles, the bag looks extra slick and will make you look like you mean business.

Tumi’s Alpha 2: The company with a funky name makes some impressive travel bags, and the Alpha 2 is no exception. Think of it as a mix between a handheld carryall and a backpack or carry-on – if you’re not sure how long your trip will last, the Alpha 2 will carry all the necessities while still leaving room for the odd pack of bubble gum. Not to mention, the unique code that Tumi outfits each of their bags with will greatly assist in recovering your bag should it ever get lost (don’t count on the items inside, though).

Herschel’s Highland: Ever felt like a part of you belonged in the army even when you were at your most comfortable pushing pencils behind a desk? Herschel has you covered: their Highland carry-on provides you with a convincing camo pattern without ever making you get up before dawn to run circles around the base. As for the inside, the bag has plenty of room and is designed in a way that prevents your items from ever jumping up and down.

Gregory Mountain Backpack: Will you be venturing out into less-than-hospitable environments during your vacation? Consider Gregory’s backpacking wonder as your ‘bag’ of choice even for days-long hikes, plus it can double-up as an effective carrier in just about every environment thanks to its moderate size.

Samsonite Hardside Spinner: If you aren’t one of those people willing to sacrifice style just because it’s time for leisure, you might want to consider Samsonite’s high-end Spinner as your bag of choice. The uncomfortably-high price is justified by the metallic ‘shell’ side that protects your stuff from everything short of a nuclear blast, not to mention that the design of the carry-on itself will definitely turn a few heads and leave people wondering where you’re taking this slick bag to.

Eastpak Tranverz L-Wheeled: This bag definitely does a good job resisting categorization, falling somewhere between a duffel bag and a suitcase with an appearance that resembles a backpack. While the L-Wheeled’s exterior won’t be winning design awards any time soon, the bag does does its job exceedingly well by giving you a safe, sturdy and light carrier for nearly every type of vacation you could have.

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