3 top rated hiking boots

hiking boots

Nature can be harsh and merciless. The explorers of old had it right – thick soles do the feet good. While walking around barefoot seems like it could get you more in touch with nature, it can be a pretty bad idea – step on the wrong woodland critter and you’re toast.

Now, we hear you – hiking trails aren’t exactly tropical rainforests with table-sized spiders and twenty-foot-long caterpillars. But even a tame-looking hiking trail can have its own dangers and challenges, meaning you should be well-equipped even if you think you’ll be taking a light stroll.

Besides, there’s no telling when a hiking trail will get unpredictable, more difficult or downright dangerous, so your best bet is sporting some all-purpose hiking boots that will protect your feet against adversity. Here are 3 of the top rated ones – any one of these offers to turn you into a seasoned hiker as soon as you can tie the shoelaces.

Top Rated Hiking Boots

La Sportiva LS Trango Cube GTX: Trango Cube GTX – sounds more like a sports car than a pair of hiking boots, doesn’t it? For what it’s worth, the Cubes look a fair bit sportier than many other hiking boots you can find. In fact, the color scheme could be called futuristic – the blue-red-yellow touch with a plastic finish might be welcome by some and hated by others. Yet for all their funky looks, La Sportiva’s hiking boots carry their weight extremely well in virtually any hiking environment. Only figuratively, of course – for what they offer, the Cube GTX aren’t particularly heavy and should be handled well even by smaller individuals over longer distances. As for protection, it’s all there – dirt, rocks, slippery terrain, water and insects will suddenly look a lot less menacing with these babies on.

S-Lab X Alp Carbon GTX: In line with the sports car titles, the Alp Carbon GTX is one of the best hiking boots on the market for several reasons. Let’s start with looks: the all-black body with a white pattern and slight touch of gray makes these seem like something a soldier or at least a well-dressed mercenary wouldn’t mind wearing, and they’re also lower-cut than most other boots with similar features. Speaking of soldiers and mercenaries, if you earn a living by traversing difficult terrain, don’t be afraid to give these a go – their light weight combined with impenetrable defenses will make walking through snow and water a breeze on top of letting you crush just about every type of terrain you could think of.

Hanwag Cengalo GTX: The last of the Fast and Furious-sounding boots on this list is far from being the least. In many ways, the Cengalo looks like a traditional hiking boot a lot more than the aforementioned innovators – tall cut with ankle protection, mild-mannered coloring and a sole that looks as if it can put a dent in concrete. Like the previous two entries, Cengalo excels at protecting your feet against every type of terrain and in any weather condition – from heaps of snow to springtime mud to summertime mountain climbing, these boots will make every adventure feel more like a walk down the grocery store.

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